Can I get Corda Developer Certified?

Yes, Passing the Certifications exam!

Get Corda Developer Certified!

Being Corda Certified demonstrates that you have technical expertise in developing distributed Corda applications.

Tests are:

  • Open book for your convenience.
  • Untimed stress-free test.
  • Unlimited retakes for all the opportunities you might need.
  • 75% only is the score required to pass the certification exam.

Why Should I take the exam?

Passing the test, and claiming your Corda Certification, will give you the technical expertise required in our technology world today. Displaying your Certifications on your resume, digital signatures, and on sites like LinkedIn, conveys your skill and experience to the development community.

The Exam

To pass this exam, you will need to have either attended R3 online boot camps or have been self-taught via a review of the doc sites:

Corda Developer Certification Exam
corda certi

The exam contains 70 multiple-choice questions. These range from concepts to architecture and development. Developers are expected to have extensive knowledge of the following topics:

  • States
  • Contracts
  • Transactions
  • Flows
  • Corda Nodes
  • Corda Networks

Thank you for reading and good luck in your exam!