Corda 4.9 is Here!

Corda 4.9

Today’s demand for the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for high-value transactions with speed and trust is increasing at a high speed. Regulated markets such as banking, trade finance, and capital markets have made R3’s Corda the industry-standard platform for such digital trust demand.

Corda’s architecture build permissioned applications with a flexible membership model and powerful development toolkits, is now one platform that comes in two fully supported Editions-Community and Enterprise.

So, for all developers building on the free Corda Community Edition open source distribution including functional updates and patches, Corda 4.9 is here with commercial support offerings:

Extended support: Our commitment to supporting customers with a now-standard 36-month support window and 12 months of maintenance, including functional updates and patches as needed.

Network management enhancements: New endpoints enable node operators to easily manage the health and status of their network’s flows and nodes. The new endpoints simplify data auditing, improve control over the flow lifecycle and provide additional information on node health.

Security: We have improved Corda’s security footprint and dependencies.

Remember, with R3 our Community Developer ecosystem has a dedication of 24/7 support by the same team of R3 engineers who support the Enterprise Edition. Learn more about the Community Edition support packages.

Visit your Developer platform, and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at:

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