Corda 5 Key Concepts and Architecture

What is new with Corda 5?
A quick summary:
The Corda platform is a layered toolbox that you can approach from the bottom up, pulling in more advanced concepts only when needed. There are currently three distinct layers:

  1. p2p layer : The p2p layer will handle all operations required in a distributed network for membership management, peer discovery and a reliable, secured and scalable message passing.
  2. Flow layer: The flow layer will define the cordapp workflow as per the business logic. for understanding , this could be thought of to be similar to what was in Corda 4 (though the APIs will change)
  3. Ledger layer: The ledger layer addresses business problems that require some form of distributed ledger. This layer solves problems where orchestrating parties must verify that something is true without trusting one another. When the lifecycle of data continues beyond the parties’ first interaction with it, the Ledger Layer allows its evolution without the input of the creating party.
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