Corda and Conclave in 2 min video

View our introductory video about all the resources R3 Developers offers to beginners and advanced developers.

R3 has put together many resources to help developers and enthusiasts to skill up on blockchain technology. Resources such as :

  • Training Platform – includes core depths using automation, in-depth solutions to coding challenges, repo of a group messaging app built using a multi-rpc client.

  • Blog – includes blog posts with updated information on R3’s technology and lots of code snippets.

  • Bootcamps – Short Bootcamps teaching how to set up token accounts, membership identity validation.

  • Community Forum – 24/7 support from team members, relative quick access to information on Corda, Conclave, Events, etc.

  • Certification Exams – certifications for Corda and Conclave blockchain technology. Learn how to set up and maintain a confidential blockchain.

Understand available tools and everything else that R3 has to share in a 2 minutes video.