CordaCon2021 3-Day Recap Highlights

CordaCon2021, a three-day Sep 28-30 hybrid event. It brought 100+ sessions of interactive sessions, panels, and tech talks throughout a diverse group of the global tech industry and economical leaders from across the globe.

This year’s 6th consecutive year their theme was digital trust, demonstrating how blockchain and confidential computing technologies deliver digital trust between parties that goes far beyond traditional methods. Completing the event with a panel of speakers, an impressive list of sponsors, and many registered attendees.

Day One.

Held in London with speakers in person such as our R3’s CTO, Richard Gendal Brown, Head of Software Engineering Dr. Katelyn F. Baker, Technical Product Manager Marcello Farina, and many more were present.

Before anything, it is highly recommended checking our R3 CEO David Rutter keynote and welcome address. There were some captivating sessions in general, but one notable was where David Vatchev from our Venture Development team sat down with David Cheng of LeadBlock partners and Alex Barkley of HSBC Ventures on the evolving VC landscape.

Fascinating was session Chief Product Officer, Todd MacDonald, taking time to break down the vision that R3 has for its products in the future. Following John Shaw, our Head of Product Management, laying out exactly how R3 plans to accomplish that vision. Also, R3’s Chief Technology Officer Richard Gendal Brown sat down to talk about the future of data privacy and misuse.

Day two.

Day two was virtual. Highlights led on how Corda will enable developers to use containers in their local development workflow (including Docker and Kubernetes).

Michael Bodson’s talk on blockchain innovations amazed our attendees. The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation spoke explained his principles for innovating with DLT. Dapeng Wang gave a fascinating talk on making Corda Quantum resistant.

R3’s Alex Koller and Moritz Platt gave a great talk on how to think about CorDapp development. And our R3’s Christian Sailer and Nina Kanti gave an impressive talk breaking down the new Corda 5 Developer Preview details.

Day Three.

Two sessions of examples of confidential computing for developers. The first session is about securing your DLT with integrations of Corda and Conclave by Ashutosh Meher, a developer evangelist at R3. Ashutosh explains what confidential computing is — a way to provide security to sensitive data while in use by running it on protected chip enclave (for ex. Intel SGX) and Conclave. Ashutosh picked a built “Confidential Order Matching” CorDapp to show an integration of Corda and Conclave how it works.

The second session was about Conclave and AI by Sneha Damle, a developer evangelist at R3. Sneha explained how Conclave runs on TTE (Trusted Execution Environment) and walked through a use case of Conclave SDX in healthcare. For this talk, she built an application for Multiparty training AI model using Conclave SDX and Tribune.

Concluding with a great session talk by Eric McEvoy, a Solutions Engineer at R3. CGraph — Reimagining Corda Solutions with Graph Techniques, Eric’s journey of using GraphQL in Corda solutions showing us with two examples, the best way to orchestrate Corda-based solution.

In conclusion, this was a quick breakdown of the highlights from the event, but please do check out the session talks here.

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