Cordformation plugin support in Corda 5

We have a simple Corda 4.8 based app (non-production) that is meant for purpose of training/learning Corda for developers and we want to upgrade this app to 5.0 developer preview release. In this app, we are currently using Cordformation plugin to define a network in build.gradle file.

In 5.0 release documentation, sample app and template project we are seeing use of corda-cli tool and Docker for creation of network.

  1. So does current Corda 5 developer preview release not support use of Cordformation plugin and we must use Corda CLI only to create a network for deploying our app? Is there any other way to define a network in Corda 5 than corda-cli & Docker?

  2. Will Cordformation plugin be updated for Corda 5 in any future releases? Or that plugin has been discontinued?

Please ignore. This issue has been sorted out…