Deploying CorDapp on Azure Kubernetes

For Corda and Corda Enterprise: Set up a Corda network in a Kubernetes cluster on Azure. Locate your CorDapp inside the /cordapps folder in the node server. If you don’t have the CorDapp that means that you need to build the Kubernetes cluster. There are Helm charts available to help to make the CENM installation (not how to build the AKS cluster, that is up to you).

This deployment guide provides a set of simple steps for deploying Corda Enterprise Network Manager (CENM) on a Kubernetes cluster in Azure Cloud. The deployment uses Bash scripts and Helm templates provided with CENM Docker images.

Is there something similar available for a Production Node setup on a AKS cluster including node, bridge, float, etc.? The CENM setup seems to include everything except the node setup.