Enable communication between Corda nodes via the internet

Hey everybody.
We are using Corda open source and would like to set up the communication between two nodes via the internet.
We have tried a public p2pAddress in node.conf with port 80 which did not work. Similarly, using another p2pPort like 10002 is also not working.

Here is an extract of our node.conf template:


Does anyone know how to solve this issue? The main question is: How can two nodes communicate in the Corda Network via public host names?

Thank you.

Hi Alex,

try again with a public p2pAddress because this is the one resolved by the other node. The messagingServer* part does not apply here.
Be aware that there might be other network rules or firewall blocking the traffic.

In addition to this, your nodes need share their details with each other. Common options here are the use of a network map service or to put the node-info files of other nodes into the “additional-node-infos” directory of a node.

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