Error running corda IOU sample app on multiple machines

I am using corda 4.9 community edition and trying to run IOU application samples-java/Basic/cordapp-example at master · corda/samples-java · GitHub.
This worked fine on single windows machine with all 3 nodes running, but now I am trying to run PARTY A and Notary in one machines and PARTY B on another machine. I have modified the host and port in p2pAddress field accordingly and run deploynodes gradle command.
But in this setup I get below error in the node logs, when I create an new IOU state

[nioEventLoopGroup-2-1] engine.ConnectionStateMachine. - Connection closed due to error on remote side: `AMQ229032: User: SystemUsers/Peer does not have permission=‘CREATE_ADDRESS’

Can you please suggest what might be wrong ?