Experience Cordas' IntelliJ & VSCode Plugins

IntelliJ & VSCode Plugins

R3 has worked on two versions of editor plugins to expertise developers’ experience working with Corda. These plugins offer functionalities from build to run the nodes.

The vscode-Corda extension provides tools for developing CorDapps on the Corda platform

The following features are accessible through the command palette.
⇧⌘P (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+P)

Corda Clean project (remove previous build files)

  • Corda Assemble project (build w/o test)
  • Corda Build project (build + test the CorDapp using existing Gradle)
  • Corda Run Tests (unit tests)
  • Corda Deploy Nodes (setup mock network from Gradle file)
  • Corda Run Nodes (bring nodes online)
  • Corda Stop Running Nodes (available when nodes are running)
  • Corda Show Node Explore

Using the Extension

The vscode-Corda extension works will activate when you open a Corda project as your root folder in the ide. For the project to be detected, you must have a valid build. Gradle file present in the project folder. When detected, an indication is shown on the status bar.

Corda Run Nodes requires that nodes have previously been deployed. If this is not the case, you will be prompted to automatically deploy. When your nodes are running, they reside in individual terminal instances in vscode. This allows both monitoring and shell interaction if desired. It may take a few moments for each node to launch.

The Node Explorer View allows interaction with your running nodes. By default, the explorer will establish a connection to the first available (running) node from your build. Gradle deploys nodes task. If there is no available node, the explorer will default to manual connection mode and allow you to connect to either a local or remote node (SSH available).

Four primary subviews allow monitoring and interacting with your Corda Nodes:

Dashboard - Display of various node information details (requires Corda 4.3+)

Network Map — Overview of all parties registered on the current node’s Corda network, as well as details and location.

Transaction - Allows viewing of previous transaction details, including input/output states. Create new transactions easily through UI for any CorDapp installed on the node.

Vault - Allows instant querying of vault contents using dynamic filters. Results are instantly updated.

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