Get Corda for Business Professional certified!

As a professional in the information technology industry being certified by a leading DLT company such as R3 does make a difference. To demonstrate that you have an understanding of the key DLT, Corda Concepts, Token and Account SDK Fundamentals, is to expand your skills in this emerging developing blockchain tech era.
corda business cert.

The Exam is:

  • Open book – Please read our ebooks from Developer Portal library.
  • Untimed - Do not rush, no time limit for test.
  • Unlimited retakes – Study again, and again, Retake test again and again.
  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • Score of 75% or greater to pass

Why Should I take the exam?

Passing the test, and claiming your Corda for Business Certification, will give you the technical expertise required in our competitive technology world today. Displaying your Certification badge on your resume, digital signatures, and on sites like LinkedIn, conveys your skill to the development community.

Don’t miss the opportunity of being an innovator in the future of DLT and blockchain emerging industry.

More info and Resources

In order to pass this exam, you will need to have either attended R3 online boot camps or have been self-taught via a review of the doc sites:

Good luck in you exam!!