Getting you Started with Corda 5

What is it?

  • Single process version of Corda (Combined worker) for local deployment + developer tooling
  • Aimed at the internal and external CorDapp developer community
  • Opportunity to get familiar with Corda 5 CorDapps

What is it not:

    1. Operator focused – Multi-process deployments, Kubernetes/ Helm are Out of Scope
    1. A Stable API - No intention of stability at this stage
    1. Distributed ledger - No Ledger yet, transactions/ states/ contracts/ tokens out of scope until beta

What can I do?

  • Build and deploy Flow based Cordapps using Corda Services
  • Try out our experimental Corda 5 tools – CSDE and the Corda 5 Simulator
  • Feedback on your experiences so we can make Corda 5 better