How to dynamically add participants to a live Corda network

How to add more merchant company nodes to the existing network in Corda 4.8 without shutdown Corda network?

We use Corda network bootstrap for creating network. but stuck to add new node without shutdown existing Corda network.

Unfortunately, with Corda community version. You cannot add network participants dynamically. With Corda Enterprise Network Manager, you can.

So this means all nodes need to be set in initial phase? Suppose we have a running blockchain and we will have a new customer, how we can add it to our Corda blockchain community version? it is not possible at all? Can you please more elaborate on that?

The lack of response you have tells me that it’s not possible with the Community … makes it pretty limited. Difficult to find out the costs involved in getting the Corda Enterprise version, even a minimum price would help the decision makers on potential projects.

“Corda community version does not support adding a node dynamically” mean you can not add a node without restart the nodes running in the network. You can of course add more nodes after the initial deployment by : Network Bootstrapper - R3 Documentation

We welcome projects built with Corda Communnity versions, but unfortuntely the support is limited. We do offer Community support packages, which offers support services. For corda enterprise, we do not offer flat rate for the license. If you are looking into the Corda Enterprise, feel free to email: We will help you continue the conversation with our team.

Thanks for the quick response. I will do what you have suggested.