java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to notarise transaction

I am getting below error in the currently running production server and so I am not able to make any transactions in it.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: 
Unable to notarise transaction BB577396896D8F7C01E0A17C536267ECD97AC0A1E15A9F4C1B00ED841857A59D : 
One or more input states or referenced states have already been used as input states in other transactions. 
Conflicting state count: 2, consumption details:                                                                                                      A5F9BF9321F754CDECEFF1B904FB3EC33EA4D5DA2AB6B740D9DDA6B65893DE93(0) -> 
AF3FC6360FEA6D0BC53C71AD1355, type=INPUT_STATE),          
37461D0160AA3B9EC088F90ED025509ED98407A684FD8BE4EEDF94F89D35D2CD(0) -> StateConsumptionDetails(hashOfTransactionId=725ED0FCBCF8FBDD147B423D88448F900FF2
AF3FC6360FEA6D0BC53C71AD1355, type=INPUT_STATE).            
To find out if any of the conflicting transactions have been generated by this node you can 
use the hashLookup Corda shell command.         

hashLookup A5F9BF9321F754CDECEFF1B904FB3EC33EA4D5DA2AB6B740D9DDA6B65893DE93
gives me no transactions found.

and the state about to spend is unconsumed state and there were no flows in running status means flow watch is empty.

This is a notarisation error - that means the state is consumed according to the notary’s transaction log - if the state is unconsumed on your node and consumed on the notary, your ledgers have gotten out of sync and something bad must have happened.

The most likely candidate is either that someone else could spend the state (that depends on your CorDapp if that is possible) or that you tried to spend the state, but an error happened during finality flow and the state got notarised/spent on the notary, but rolled back to uncosumed locally.

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