Join our first Conclave Meetup in London

Conclave is an SDK for building confidential applications which run in secure enclaves, isolated from the main processor. It harnesses the capabilities of confidential computing and uses Intel® SGX, a Trusted Execution Environment that protects your data even during processing.

R3 is hosting the first Conclave Meetup in the R3 London office. Join us for an evening with food, drinks, and the latest on Conclave and confidential computing. We are thrill to host the event with our speakers and their sessions:

  • Marco Bonifazi - Software engineer: Persistent File System

  • Mr.Shams Asari - Principal Software Engineer: How Rollback protection works in Conclave

  • Mr.Cais Manai - Product Manager: Obscuro - unlocking privacy on Ethereum with Conclave

  • Ivar Wiersma - Head of Conclave Business Unit: Welcome & Conclave Business Value

  • Richard Brown - Chief Technology Officer: Conclave 1.2 New Features’ highlights

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