Latest update on Corda 5 🎉

After months of developing and re-engingeering, we would like to annouce that Corda 5 is all about the following three aspects :tada::

  1. High availability translates to almost no downtime.
    high-availability (1)

  2. Enhanced multi-tenancy directly leads to lower cost of ownership.

  3. Horizontal scalability means our customers can start with small deployments that grow with their businesses.
    horizontal-scalability (1)

  4. A boosted developer experience correlates to faster deployment. Among many other benefits, these four key optimisations of Corda 5 provide more cost-effective deployment for our customers.

You can find more information at here. And once again, please feel free to use this forum as the channel to share your feedback, comments and questions regarding the newly released Corda 5 Developer Preview.

Your input is very important to us! :heart: