Market challenges and Conclave solutions

Conclave- powered solutions enable parties to feel confident sharing data outside of their organization and cross-borders because they deliver “digital trust”. This opens up several new opportunities for firms to build new- enhance existing- data collaboration tools and deliver greater, previously inaccessible insight to their customers.

View some market challenges and how Conclave solutions help solve them.

Market Challenges and Solutions:

Fraud Detection

Challenge : Fraud that is spread across multiple institutions often remains undetected as there has been no way to securely pool multiple private data sets from industry participants to identify and prevent fraud.

Solution : Solutions built on Conclave enable fraud detection software firms to access these private data sets by providing assurances to their customers that their data will not be viewed by the provider or the provider’s other customers, just processed. As a result, these software firms can build new solutions that aggregate data from multiple firms in a trustworthy manner, while reducing false positives and detecting new fraud.

Private Order Matching

Challenge : Traders often want to do price discovery and order matching privately, so that no one–not even the market operators–can learn their trading strategies or infer their positions.

Solution : The Conclave platform enables firms to build private order matching solutions that give assurances that orders will not be viewed or misused. As a result, exchanges and other marketplaces can build solutions that protect market participants’ data, giving traders and regulators confidence that they are trading in a fair marketplace.

Analytics Solutions

Challenge : Companies want to benefit from insights that Analytics and AI firms can provide, but do not feel comfortable sending confidential data outside of their organization, or having it pooled with that of their peers.

Solution : With Conclave, Analytics and AI firms can build solutions that provide transparency into how data is processed and technical assurances that their customer data remains protected. Software firms can either build new solutions or develop on existing analytics solutions and run them across new private data sets. This enables end users to benefit from insights derived from analytics solutions without having to compromise on data privacy.

Market Data Aggregation

Challenge : Firms need to know how big their market is in order to calculate their own market share and forecasts. However, they do not feel comfortable sharing proprietary sales data such as new and recurring license revenue with a third-party provider.

Solutions: With applications built on Conclave, firms can securely upload revenue and other proprietary sales data to a service that calculates relevant statistics, all without allowing the operator of the system to see the raw data, saving time and costly development resources.

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