Message queues

Hi team, yet another question!
Corda nodes have queues for storing incoming messages (for idle times…). Are they stored in the on-chain or off-chain vault? Is it possible to store message digests on the chain while the actual content is off-chain on Corda?

Hi Fabiana, you are right, incoming messages are first stored in message queues. Per say, corda doesn’t inherently have the concept of on-chain and off-chain vault. The state and transaction information is stored in a persistent vault which could be any SQL database.

Thank you, Divya.
I still have some doubts. I read from the documentation that " the vault supports the management of data in both authoritative on-ledger form and, where appropriate, shadow off-ledger form".
I read that the off-ledger vault is the one where to keep a firm’s internal reference, system or additional data that may be helpful for further processing, and that it could also be added after the transaction has taken place (“store refers to additional data added by the node owner subsequent to transaction recording”). From another online source I read that data off-ledger are not tracked by the ledger, how, then, can we guarantee the authenticity of this data and who has performed work on it? Can we not guarantee it? Is it up to the database to perform auth mechanisms? Is it up to the individual/organisation?

So far I understood is that there’s no possibility to keep off-chain messaging. Each node has several queues to handle the communication and once messages are resolved transactions details are backed up in the persistent vault of the respective node.
Is it right what I got from your answer ?

Yes, that is right. The messages are not stored in the persistent vault or any off-chain database. However, your cordapp could be integrated with off-chain database, if any external information is required for processing.

All right, thank you so much for your time :grinning: