New APIs in Corda 5

The new modular APIs on Corda’s 5 release are the highlights of the project. The developer can make CorDapps more effective since these APIs will improve their testability by testing the workflow functionality by mocking services. For data storage, developers now can bring their own ledger model by using workflows and not the UTXO model, but store the data however fits their system. Another advantage of having modular APIs is that R3’s engineering team has a better way to maintain and evolve the APIs in a controlled fashion due to the decoupling of components, allowing them to fix bugs faster.

The APIs changes are motivated by R3’s Project Layer Cake, an internal initiative, which set about to think about Corda in layers of value; network , flow , ledger , contract .

This new way of thinking of Corda in layers allows developers to analyze which guarantees of Corda they need. Also, the new APIs will offer the ability to implement Developer’s own pluggable ledger layer where contracts may not be required. Maybe your current use case doesn’t require all the layers of Corda or you may not need it yet for your minimal viable product.

For Developers to simplify their solutions and to build at a much faster rate, these layers enable incremental development. R3 wants to allow our community to build CorDapps that are fit for purpose where the new APIs play a key role in this.

Try the new Corda 5 APIs in developer preview.

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