New! Corda Training and Tutorials website

R3’s Developers Relations Team just launched a Corda training and tutorials website for you. A training where you will learn to design distributed ledger solutions , skillfully execute SDK code, run your first CorDapp and dive into advanced techniques and best practices.

train today Corda

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your skills and connect with developers who share same interests. The training website guides you well in how to use this training with theorical material and hands-on experience.

If you are new to blockchains and distributed ledgers, start with the blockchain basics module, and then carry on to Introduction to Corda to discover Corda’s unique approach to distributed applications for enterprise settings.

Training and Tutorials that you will find:

  • Blockchain Basiscs: Distributed Ledger Technology, Crytography, Blockchain Definitions

  • Corda Fundamentals: Introducing Corda, Key Concepts, Uses Cases

  • Getting Started: Set Up Your Computer, Download and Built Corda Example project, Run the example Project, Look into the database

  • Your First Cordapp: Designing for Corda, Build Your State, Build Your Contract, Build Your Flow, Issue Flow Solution, Transfer Flow Solution

  • Libraries: Libraries Introduction, Tokens SDK, Accounts SDK

  • Corda Advance Concepts: Attachments, Reference States, ect…

Recommend this training to everyone who is interested in getting into Corda. Remember, non-technical students will appreciate the theory.


And remember that Corda, a Distributed ledger applications on a high performance, enterprise grade platform, an open source blockchain platform to solve complex business problems, was designed to only share data with relevant parties.

Good luck on your training!