Password for user postgres

Hi, I’m trying to run a test of Corda 5 Dev Preview 5

I received error message that no password was set for user “postgres”

so, within PostgreSQL-15, via psql, I set a password for user “postgres”

now, I am getting log Error: FATAL: password authentication failed for user “postgres”

I can not find any configuration file to specify a “postgres” password within:


Gradle task: “csde” “startCorda” completes (unsuccessfully), without asking for any password,

might anyone suggest a solution?

I have PostgreSQL 15 installed on my Fedora 37 host computer

I see no PostgreSQL Docker image nor PostgreSQL Docker container

listed for user: “corda” on my host computer

(my “corda” user starts IntelliJ within Fedora 37 Workstation)

explains that:

The startCorda task does the following:

Starts an instance of a Postgres Docker container; 

like I say, I see no indication of that Docker event having happened.

complete task startCorda log file is posted at:

You don’t need to have postgres installed. If you do have a Postgres server running it must not use port 5432 as that is the port the Postgres container uses.

Can you confirm that Docker is running please? Sometimes the Docker Engine takes a few minutes to complete start up.