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On July 19, 2021, R3 posted its first two blog posts on its Developers Platform Blog website. R3, an enterprise blockchain software firm working with a global ecosystem across multiple industries from both the private and public sectors develops on Corda, Corda Enterprise, and Conclave. R3 it’s working hard to create a unique blog posts website with search engine, Corda or Conclave categories, trending posts, and even a tool to subscribe to the Developers newsletter.

Posts starting from how to use a secure enclave, and how to identify other nodes, and gathering signatures with Corda, are all recommended. But what is new?

Conclave 1.2 for Release

Last month the website posted What has been cooking in Conclave? Informing that the new release will be focusing on various areas of enhancement. The main goal is that the enclave doesn’t lose data memory by enhancing its ability to persist data. R3 is finding a way to restore the enclave’s latest and correct persistent state, ensuring the last restored state is genuinely the latest state.

Scenarios such are these will be addressed:

  • On how can an enclave be migrated to another machine
  • On how to re-start an enclave from a previous state.
  • On how to prevent a malicious actor from state attacks.
  • On how to make it easier for developers to write applications.

Corda 5 Developer Preview

The next generation of DLT, Corda 5, is a hard-working journey redesigning Corda 4. In Corda 5 APIs are split into layers allowing developers to deal with the complexity needed in their CorDapps. Modular APIs allow Corda development to be built in layers, speeding the process of writing and testing CorDapps for developers.

The latest blog post, Corda 5 developer preview – What is in the box? Will amaze you with all the detailed information, make sure to read it.

But why a Developers Preview?

Corda 5 DP1 needs your feedback, and R3 is all ears for a good reason. Addressing developer’s concerns, Corda 5 has a feedback channel where R3’s developer relations, product, and engineering teams will address all questions and value any giving feedback of the developer’s experience with our Corda 5 DP1.

Subsequent developer previews will be coming with improvements, but it is only possible with your feedback. Developers have an opportunity to contribute to the process of building Corda 5. You can always leave your feedback here in our community forum, on the R3 documentation website, or the Corda 5 feedback channel.

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