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Conclave cloud

Conclave is a platform to build applications that securely share and analyze data. These are privacy-enhancing applications that process data from multiple parties to solve industry-level problems. These applications protect customer data from misuse by assuring that data is protected when collected, shared, and analyzed, and open up new possibilities to collaborate with new shared data services.

Conclave Cloud, a new confidential computing platform that provides a serverless execution environment with built-in privacy-preserving features using Intel SGX, is coming soon.

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What is Conclave Cloud?

Conclave Cloud is an integrated set of managed services to simplify and accelerate the development and deployment of privacy-first services.

With Conclave Cloud, we aim to provide developers with a set of composable building blocks that can be combined with other services to compose cloud-native privacy-first solutions, harnessing the power of Conclave and Intel SGX.

Why does it make privacy engineering easy?

Conclave Cloud is the platform for hosting privacy-preserving services. Using the power of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX), Conclave Cloud is the quickest and most effective way to deploy confidential event-driven workloads.

Conclave Cloud makes confidential computing accessible to everyone by eliminating the complexities of interacting with secure enclaves. Protect sensitive workloads, develop new privacy-first applications, or enhance the security of existing applications.

What are the components of Conclave Cloud?

—Privacy preserving database

—Search over encrypted data

—Confidential Machine Learning

For more information on Conclave functions on how it works, visit here. Visit your Developer platform, and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at: