Register to April's Conclave Bootcamp: Build using Conclave and Corda

Conclave Bootcamp 040722

Whether you’re new to the world of confidential computing or already invested in this enterprise technology, the Bootcamp has something for you. R3 is excited on training you into how to build a trading order matching system using Conclave and Corda.

Join us on April 7th for the next Conclave bootcamp. Register here!

What Will Happen?

Blockchain systems built on top of confidential computing can use Trusted Execution Environments to enable data confidentiality and secure computations. You will learn to use Conclave’s developer-friendly confidential computing platform to build privacy-preserving applications using Corda, the blockchain platform.

An exchange Corda node would serve as a host which runs the enclave, while broker nodes servers as clients which send encryped order from their end-clients which are matched in the enclave and trades generated are recorded in all relevant participants ledgers.

We will be running a demo application which shows how Conclave and Corda can be used together.

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