Resources for using Corda with Docker

We get these kinds of questions all theo time, so I’ll collect some of our resources on the subject to hopefully make things a little easier.

The short answer is that docker does support Corda; we have our official docker image online here. You can also find our quick guide for how to run it here. The docs will always be updated with directions for the latest versions of Corda open-source and Corda enterprise.

If you’ve never set up Corda with docker before, take a look at my beginner post on how to get a CorDapp running with docker. Or you can take a look at this post from Ashutosh, another developer evangelist, as well.

When building a Corda node, you can specify that the files created are for docker-compose instead of using the local network bootstrapper. Note that this is through the dockerform Gradle task instead of the cordform task. You can essentially swap ‘dockerform’ and ‘cordform’ in your Gradle file and specify the image as the two tasks take nearly the same input. More on the dockerform and cordform tasks here in the docs.

If you’re interested in going further on this sort of thing, our most recent sample (as of Corda 4.7) is the Bank in a Box CorDapp. It uses Kubernetes, helm, and docker for a state of the art corda container setup!

Here once again are the links to the resources I mentioned, along with some other ones you might be looking for: