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Top CorDapps

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Corda Secret Santa

This is an implementation of Secret Santa using Corda as a tool to store multiple game states.

It has a material-UI frontend that lets users create and self-service their own secret santa games. The frontend is implemented in ReactJS and the backend is implemented with a Spring Boot server and some Corda flows. Project code on GitHub.

ClaimShare by IntellectEU

This CorDapp was designed as a fraud detection platform for the insurance market. The idea here is to solve the “double-dipping” problem. They do it using secure computing with Conclave, Corda, and a mix of artificial intelligence tooling to ensure that the same claim can never be submitted twice. Project code on GitHub.

Centralized Corpus Manager for Machine Learning on Corda

The project’s idea is to use Corda as a broker for crowdsourcing data for machine learning models. It uses Corda contract verification to ensure that corpus updates are valid and preserve the privacyof the crowdsourcers of the data. Project code on GitHub.

Students Relocating for university

The idea is to use Corda as a broker for information between universities and students who are relocating to a university. With a blockchain as the data broker between these parties, the entire process can be streamlined for the students relocating. Project code on GitHub.

Snakes and Ladders Game on Corda

This CorDapp was a full implementation of snakes and ladders constructed on top of Corda so that players could use Corda to be sure of no funny business! It uses a Tomcat web server to host the game from the Corda node itself and allows players to trigger Corda transactions that update the game state from within the browser. Project code on GitHub.