What happened at Conclave Bootcamp 2022?

We are grateful for the attendee who joined Explore the World of Confidential Computing with Intel and R3’s Conclave Bootcamp. To all those who possibly missed it or wanted to recap knowledge, the recording of the Bootcamp can be accessed here.

When R3 was founded in 2014, David Rotter and Todd McDonald believed that if financial institutions were less centralized and more connected through the use of multi-party trust technology, then all the industries could collaborate and transact with each other at ease. After the success of Corda, with its DLT application development platform that has facilitated hundreds of blockchains networks across banking capital markets global trade and insurance industry; Conclave was launched, with applications running in secure enclaves, isolated from the main processor, using Intel® SGX, a TEE that protects all data during processing.

In this Bootcamp the team talks about:

  • Basics of confidential computing

  • What is Remote Attestation

  • Intel SGX ceiling keys

Visit your Developer platform, and if you have any questions or concerns, please reach us at: devrel@r3.com