What I wish somebody had told me before I started...!

Hi everybody - CTO of R3 here. We’re preparing for our annual CordaCon conference (27-28 September). I’d love to run a session where we lay out some of the “I wish I knew that!” topics that most of us learn the hard way on our first projects. I’m not talking about stuff you can find in the docs… I more looking for ‘real-life gotchas’ and ‘don’t do this!’ stuff that practitioners in the field have figured out from real experience.

Our support and professional services teams have a ton of examples, of course… but our people are massively outnumbered by all the experts using Corda for themselves and their firms. So I’d love to crowd-source some of your top tips too.

It doesn’t have to be profound… just ask yourself 'what are some of the things you wish you’d been told when you started your Corda journey? Imagine you were sharing your expertise with your younger self… what wise words would you be giving yourself?"

Example: “you can’t upgrade a node until your flows have drained, so don’t write long-running flows” is the kind of thing that would be a good tip.