Why Should you get Node Explorer?

Node Explorer is a great tool to visualize what’s happening in your node and relevant network information. It can log in using the RPC credentials to connect to your local node, as well as any remote node.

The Node-explorer is a stand-alone desktop app for Win/OSx/Linux that allows connecting to a local or remote Corda node. Examine transactions, run flows, and view node and network properties in a few simple clicks.

The screen above reflects how your log-in screen looks like. Log in using your node credentials. If you want a copy of it, we have done a Beta v 0.1.0 release of it at Releases · corda/node-explorer · GitHub Find the right installer for your Operating System.

Ashutosh, a developer evangelist at R3, made us a video talking us about the new coordinate Explorer: Node explorer: Connect to a Corda node with a few simple clicks

Once connected to Corda, he guides us through the dashboard on node explorer; node information wizard, node parameters, node explorer network, vault explorer, and transaction explorer with an example running a flow ending in a complete transaction.

The nicely arranged dashboard allows you to view your node’s stored data, as well as making a simple transaction on the fly.

For more information, click here.