Your First Conclave App

We always recommend beginning understanding the fundamentals of Conclave, Confidential Computing, TEE, and how Intel SGX is implemented.

It is very easy to write conclave-based applications because it’s similar to writing Java-based simple applications. Now, Intel SGX lets us interact with enclave while Conclave builds on top of this Intel SGX, and Intel SDK making it easier for us to develop enclave applications on higher-level languages like Java or Kotlin. Also, your applications can be run on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and deployed onto Azure Cloud.

For more help on writing a simple conclave application, watch the video Conclave Boot camp Build/Run/Demo a conclave app. Also, visit R3’s blog for an article post on How to write your first conclave app.

4 Steps to Run Conclave App

  • Download Conclave SDK here.

  • Load from your favorite IDE ‘Hello World’ app which lives here: conclave-sdk-1.1/hello-world. Let’s take it as the foundation of our app. First, check that all parts are installed correctly by building the project with gradle: choose to run on mock hardware if you run on a normal computer. ./gradlew host:assemble -PenclaveMode=mock

  • Run the host: ../scripts/container-gradle host:run

  • When you see this line: ‘Listening on port 9999’ you can start the client session. On a different terminal tab, start the client: ./gradlew client:run — args=”Reverse me” . The result on the client’s side: Enclave reversed ‘Reverse me’ and gave us the answer ’em esreveR’ .

Congratulations, you got it!!